Moonkee's Commitment to Sensory Development

At Moonkee, we're more than just a brand!

We're a dedicated community focused on supporting children and their families through the sensory challenges they face.
Our mission is to be a pillar of support, education, and inspiration for kids on their sensory development journeys.

Collaboration with Occupational Therapists

Our products are thoughtfully designed in collaboration with experts, ensuring they meet the specific needs of children with sensory processing difficulties. When buying our products you join the Moonkee community through which you can hear from these experts, other parents and educators on how Moonkee products have been instrumental in children’s sensory exploration.

Empowering Children and Families

Discover how Moonkee goes beyond just providing sensory toys. We believe in the transformative power of sensory play and its positive impact on children and their families. Our products are not just toys. They are therapeutic tools tailored to enrich the sensory journey of your little ones, ensuring they unlock their full potential.

Don't Believe us? Check Out This Review!

“We got this swing for my son who has adhd and he is in love! Moonkee hit this one out of the park. I would purchase this swing 100 times over. The fabric is super soft and stretchy, the crafts that come with it make it super unique and your child can make it their own and it is safe. I would recommend this swing to any of my friends but especially my friends/people with a child who has sensory issues. My son can go on his swing and it automatically shifts his attitude. I cannot say enough great things about this product!!” -@caseyface85

Safety, Quality, and Sustainability

Learn about our commitment to safety, quality, and the environment. At Moonkee, we prioritize the well-being of children and the planet.
Our products undergo rigorous testing and are compliant with safety regulations.
Moreover, we're dedicated to sustainable practices, believing in the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Your Feedback Matters

At Moonkee, the journey doesn't end at check-out. We value your feedback and experiences. Our customer service is here to assist in any situation, ensuring you and your family have the best experience possible. Share your stories and feedback with us at

Note: Testimonials and feedback are shared with the consent of families. We respect privacy and may alter names or details upon request.

Video Testimonials

Sunny loves it!

”Sunny loves the sensory swing we have in her sensory corner. But it’s all the way in the basement and we wanted one for her room to add to her bedtime routine.

So we were so excited when Moonkee asked if we would try theirs!🙌🩷

This swing by Moonkee is extremely soft and breathable, so even though they’re getting the soothing feeling of deep pressure, they won’t get overheated because of the light weight fabric!

The bracket it comes with is also very heavy duty and comforting to know that that things not coming out of the ceiling!😁 They also included hardware for concrete incase you have a concrete ceiling/want to hang it outside. Never seen that with other swings!

Also comes in blue incase pink just isn’t your thing! The paint kit and pop it toy is such a nice addition as well💕

Thanks again to Moonkee, Sunny loves it!” - @sunny_spins

This brand goes above and beyond!

“My son loved the swing. I installed it myself and it took me less than an hour. I’ll suggest reading the manual, I untied the swing so I could paint it with my kid and they provided me with a video so I could tight it correctly.

This brand goes above and beyond. Totally worth it! Great fabric and very sturdy. I weight 120lbs and have tried the swing before my son. it can easily hold my weight.“ -@living.joaliz

Who would’ve thought?!

“My kids are loving our new swing and I’m loving how easy it is to help them get their wiggles out! The swing comes with hardware to install indoors or you can easily hang it on a tree outside! We put ours on our pre-existing hammock hook and it worked perfectly!!

This is a perfect gift for your sensory seeking or hyper-active little one!” -@momlifesocal

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