Dear Occupational Therapists,

As Occupational Therapists, you recognize the immense value of sensory experiences in a child's development. Every touch, motion, and hug can be transformative. Moonkee offers more than just products; they're therapeutic instruments that reflect our deep understanding of sensory requirements.

With Moonkee, you:

  • Ensure Sensory Needs Are Addressed: Collaboratively designed with experienced OTs, our products prioritize both function and quality.
  • Prioritize Safety: We've subjected our products to extensive testing, covering everything from mechanical stability to safety standards such as resistance to fire and the absence of heavy metals.
  • User-friendly Design: Valuing your time, our products are crafted for swift assembly, usage, and maintenance.
Imagine a corner in your clinic where children find comfort, hone skills, and dive into the world of sensory experiences.

Moonkee aspires to collaborate with you on this journey. Explore our partnership opportunities by following the link below.

Dear Educators,

You're well aware that a classroom isn't just about imparting knowledge – it's a nurturing ground where curiosity blossoms, and young minds venture into the world of discovery. Each student's journey is distinct, and while some navigate smoothly, others may need additional sensory support. This is where Moonkee steps in.

With Moonkee, you can:

  • Craft Safe Havens: Envision corners in your classroom where students find respite, a place where they can self-regulate and feel the comforting support of our tools.
  • Champion Inclusivity: Our offerings cater to a diverse range of students, ensuring each one feels acknowledged and cherished.
  • Foster Creativity: We provide means for students to channel their artistic expression, cultivating their individuality and imagination.
Moonkee is grounded in the principle of sensory-rich learning. As educators, you're in a unique position to sculpt these enriching experiences. Together, let's build environments where every student, regardless of their sensory journey, feels embraced and empowered.

Join Moonkee on a Sensory Journey

At Moonkee, our mission extends beyond just providing products. We aim to be a beacon of support, understanding, and guidance. Together, let's make a difference in the sensory journeys of countless children. Your feedback and insights are invaluable to us, so reach out, collaborate, and let's shape futures together!

Video Testimonials

You have to try this

“Our kiddos have been absolutely loving our @moonkeeplay swing this week!! We’ve also been able to incorporate activities to help add to all the benefits the swing already gives them.”-@motivatedkidstherapy

A TON of sensory input with this swing

“So excited about our new @moonkeeplay swing ! The material is SO soft and the kids loved painting on it and making it their own.

You get A TON of sensory input with this swing, on top of strengthening and motor planning. It comes with all the materials to hang in your home!” -@readysetgrowot🙌

This is not just a swing but a CREATION!

“Our kids got to make their mark incorporating imagination, creativity, fine motor, visual motor, and FUN!! 🤩” -@spotontherapyservices