At Moonkee, we're on a mission to bring joy and growth to your child's playtime. All the sensory toys that you’ll find here are crafted in collaboration with Occupational Therapists, ensuring they are not only safe but also optimized for your little one's development.

How it all started

Moonkee's inception was sparked by a conversation with a dear friend of ours, Oana Cobeanu, a certified Occupational Therapist.
Oana's concern for children unable to continue therapy at home due to lack of specialized tools ignited our mission.
Moonkee was conceived to bridge this gap, fusing therapy and play creating products that empower children's growth. Guided by Oana's expertise and a shared passion, we craft toys that enhance sensory development while ensuring immense fun.

Got a sensory seeker at home?

Empowering Your Child's Sensory Journey

…while also helping every parent feel confident in their choice of sensory toys.

The entire team is fueled by passion and dedication, striving to provide children with safe, fun, and stimulating sensory experiences that unlock their full potential.

We firmly believe in the incredible power of sensory play and its impact on children and their families. Collaborating closely with therapists and parents, we ensure that the sensory toys are thoughtfully designed to meet the specific needs of children with sensory processing difficulties.

As advocates of sensory toys, we recognize their significance in enabling children to discover their bodies, build strength, enhance coordination, and manage their emotions. Your child’s Moonkee sensory toys go beyond mere fun; they are therapeutic tools tailored to enrich the sensory journey of your little ones.

Thank you for choosing Moonkee as your go-to destination for sensory toys. We are thrilled to be part of your child's sensory exploration and development, guiding them towards a world of wonder and growth!

People of Moonkee


Meet Antonia, our young inspiration.
You probably already saw her in some of our photos. Her curiosity and imagination fuel the creativity behind Moonkee's sensory toys, ensuring every product brings joy to children.


Meet also Mihaela, Antonia's mother who also leads our product development team. Her expertise in creating safe and innovative toys ensures Moonkee's commitment to quality and fun.

Oana Cobeanu

And what would be a sensory toy brand without an OT?
Meet Oana Cobeanu, a pivotal part of our journey.
Oana, a doctor in psychology, clinical psychologist, and psychotherapist, brought her expertise as an Occupational Therapist to our collaborative efforts in creating our sensory toys.
She not only contributes her extensive knowledge but also runs Clinica Noua, where she helps children lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.
We're honored to have her on our team, enriching the Moonkee experience with her wealth of insights and passion for children's well-being.


And what would be a brand without a brand manager? Meet Alice Diaconu, the creative force behind Moonkee. Detail-oriented and dedicated, Alice has been involved in every single step of Moonkee's creation, ensuring that every product embodies our vision of safe, educational, and innovative sensory toys. As a mother herself, Alice designs Moonkee's products with the unique perspective of a parent, knowing firsthand the importance of sparking joy and learning in children's lives. Her passion and commitment drive Moonkee's mission to make every moment of play a magical one.


Meet Veronica Sticlaru, the creator, visionary, integrator, and the main driving force behind Moonkee. From the very beginning, Veronica believed in our brand's potential, not only with her unwavering financial support but also with her inspiring vision for the future. She's the glue that holds our team together, ensuring that we make the most out of every opportunity. Veronica's dedication, both as the brand's financial backbone and its guiding light, has been instrumental in shaping Moonkee into what it is today.


If you discovered us on Amazon, chances are you found us because of all the hard work that Bogdan has put in and the compelling ads he creates there. As one of the few men on our team, Bogdan brings a unique blend of fun and professionalism that perfectly complements our crew. His expertise in advertising has been instrumental in spreading the Moonkee magic to a wider audience, making every click a step into a world of creativity and learning.


Meet Madalina, the powerhouse behind our sales operations. She's the brains behind all the complex calculations that keep our business running smoothly.

She not only delivers the good news when we celebrate our achievements but also provides us with the reality check when it comes to the numbers. As our Sales Manager, she's the driving force ensuring that Moonkee continues to thrive and reach new heights in the world of sensory toys.


Meet Vera, our Customer Care Specialist and the magician behind solving any problems you might encounter. She's the go-to person for ensuring you continue to have a WOW experience even after you've received Moonkee’s products.

So don't hesitate to contact her if you have any problems. Vera's dedication and expertise are your guarantee for a seamless and delightful journey with Moonkee.


Have you ever wondered about the entire journey a product must go through to arrive at your doorstep?

Well, Mihai, our Inventory Manager, definitely knows that better than everyone. He's the logistical mastermind behind Moonkee's product journey, ensuring that every step of the way is meticulously managed. Mihai is the one who makes sure our products arrive safely at our depots, maintains valuable relationships with our partners, and makes the arrival of your Moonkee toys possible. His dedication and attention to detail are what keep the wheels turning and ensure you receive the very best from us.


Meet also Paula, our Legal and Financial Expert, the guardian of all those complex words in the contracts, the one who translates the legal jargon into plain language and ensures everything is done right. Paula's meticulous attention to detail and her expertise in these fields of our business provide the solid foundation that allows Moonkee to thrive with integrity and transparency.


Meet Corina Becheru, an valuable member of our product development team. Corina is the creative genius behind designing and innovating our sensory toys. She plays a crucial role in ensuring our products are not only safe but also immensely fun and genuinely beneficial for kiddos. Corina's dedication to perfection and her ability to collaborate with manufacturers make her an essential part of our mission to create the best products for children.


Have you ever been stunned by the amazing design of our boxes, online and offline visuals? Well, Vera, our Graphic Designer, is responsible for that awe-inspiring visual magic. She's the creative genius behind Moonkee's captivating designs that bring our products to life. Vera's artistic talents and keen eye for detail ensure that every aspect of Moonkee's presentation is a work of art.


Met us through Social Media? Might be because of her! Meet Oana, our Social Media Assistant who works her magic in creating and delivering fun, useful, and interesting information to you weekly. She's the one responsible for keeping our online presence lively and engaging, making sure you always stay in the loop with the latest from Moonkee.


And to end this, I'm Denisa - the one who's been writing to you up to this point. Like many others presented before, I wear multiple hats at Moonkee. As a Visual Asset Expert, I participate in and plan almost every photo session, ensuring our visuals capture the essence of our brand. I'm also the creative mind behind our social media strategy, crafting content to engage and inform you regularly. And yes, if you've ever interacted with us in the DM section on social media, chances are you've chatted with me.

It's been my pleasure to introduce you to the incredible team behind Moonkee and share our story with you. If you ever have questions, want to chat, or simply share your thoughts, feel free to reach out. We're here to make your Moonkee experience truly special.